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Pattern A26112 HELP by jbakerhaynes 9 months ago

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Help! Can someone make me a smaller version of this pattern A26112. Or tell me how to scale down this one to a smaller version. Thank you very much.
RE: Pattern A26112 HELP by frenchie63 9 months ago

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I found this pattern on Google, it's smaller but not as good as A26112 : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b1/9e/22/b19e22f42d19aeb5ab4a6af0641e862c.png
Maybe you can modify it to make it look better.

I don't think you can scale down the one on the site since the arms are already thin so you can't make them really thinner. And if you don't make them thinner they will look disproportionate...