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Macrame Strings by Imaginatistic 11 months ago

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I have had my eye on making some macrame jewellery lately. Many of the Youtube tutorials I am looking at call for "waxed cords". Is it possible to make macrame things with normal friendship bracelet thread? Because I don't live in a place where I can readily get things like that. Let me know...thanks!

RE: Macrame Strings by Stefanie7 (moderator) 11 months ago

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It depends on the bracelet, but if you are not sure you can try each technique with your strings. Many techniques will work. Bracelets like this http://friendship-bracelets.net/tutorial.php?id=5385 for example you can make with your normal strings.
RE: Macrame Strings by kleinevos (moderator) 11 months ago

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I mainly use nylon, waxed polyester or hemp for macrame other than friendshipbracelets because I think beads will stay longer on these materials than on cotton. Cotton wears out faster, I think. I didn?t really test it out though, it?s just a thought.
And I have also made other macrame things with cotton and it works fine for me. But when you want to also do stone-wrapping cotton is not the best choice. Although it is possible to use cotton for it, the stone will be harder to secure tight with cotton.

But when you only have cotton, or other yarn, I would definitely not stay away from trying other macrame styles! It?s a lot cheaper too ;-)