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RE: Swaps? :) by Juno 9 days ago

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Just an idea for the swap, how about if you make the restrictions on how many strings of the bracelets to be swaps and we sent the participant names and the coordinator would toss the 2 parties and each get the address of the recipients and the bracelet maker sent the bracelets to the name given by the moderator. So each would only need to send 1 times only, the moderator or whoever coordinating the swaps would not need to spend a lot of money.

picture can be sent to the coordinator beforehand if you want to have picts in advanced.

Just an idea, and I am looking forward for the next swap if there is one in the future.
RE: Swaps? :) by kleinevos (moderator) 9 days ago

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I?ve thought about doing it like that, but there?s reasons for the way we always did the swaps. First of all it?s more save to only give your address to a moderator, second (and maybe even more important reason) is that a person only gets swap-bracelets after we have received bracelets from that person. If we do it like you suggest, it is possible that a person never mailed out bracelets and still receives swap-bracelets. It happened before when people did private swaps ....
But if everyone is aware of that risk I would certainly be willing to host!
RE: Swaps? :) by Juno 7 days ago

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Ok, I understand about the risk. It is a lot of factors to be considered.

Should there is another swap sometimes I would like to joint :)