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Swaps? :) by AmyGleek 11 months ago

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I was just wondering if swaps were still a thing, considering it's been a long time since the last one ^^ (unless I missed something, in this case I'm sorry).
If it is, does someone know when's going to be the next one?
Thanks in advance <3
RE: Swaps? :) by kleinevos (moderator) 11 months ago

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There haven't been swaps lately, and there's also no swap planned. We have had a lot of bad luck when we had the last swaps, several envelopes were lost in the mail.
We always try to compensate for lost bracelets, but that costs a lot of extra money for stamps and it's also not much fun to know that bracelets you've worked on so hard are never going to reach their destination.
I was thinking about organizing a new swap, but I'm not sure if I want to take the risk again ....
RE: Swaps? :) by AmyGleek 10 months ago

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Yeah I see the problem ... Well that's too bad, but don't worry I (and I suppose we) understand if you don't want to take the risk! We don't want you to be struggling because of something like that :)
RE: Swaps? :) by Allison98 (moderator) 10 months ago

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With the past swaps, Kleinevos, have you found that it's a certain country or mail-carrier/service or has it been quite random which ones have been lost?
I know that every bracelet in the past I've sent out have made it to their destination (though the one to Marjar took a loooong time).
RE: Swaps? :) by kleinevos (moderator) 10 months ago

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I don't think it's a certain country or mail service. We've had bracelets lost on their way to the US, to (or from) England, to the Sovjet Union , even from the Netherlands to Arismende, which was to Germany at that time I believe.
It's just bad luck, I guess ....
RE: Swaps? :) by Arismende (moderator) 9 months ago

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I'd also be interested in participating in a swap again :) But maybe with less strings, so that the envelopes are not as thick? In general I could also imagine to host another one, but the replacements are indeed very expensive, so it should be clear in case of bad luck with the postal service that there'll be no replacement...
RE: Swaps? :) by Allison98 (moderator) 9 months ago

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I think another swap would be fun, and I agree that there should be less strings. As much as I enjoy sending out huge bracelets, it comes at a cost for the host.
I'm not at a place financially to host a swap right now, though it's something I would love to do in the future! :)
RE: Swaps? :) by kleinevos (moderator) 9 months ago

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The swapping process would be much easier with smaller bracelets, that?s for sure. On the other hand I usually have to put two stamps on any envelope with more than two bracelets, especially when they are made with thicker strings, and with two stamps I can also put 4 bracelets, or even 5, in one envelope. One stamp is for envelopes up to 20 grams here.
Which means that, for me, it would only be cheaper with a maximum of 2 small to medium bracelets per person. That also means that every person can receive bracelets from max two other persons ......
But it?s something we can consider :-)
RE: Swaps? :) by Arismende (moderator) 9 months ago

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Yes, we could do this. Former swaps before our time as mods always were with one or two bracelets per person. In Austria unfortunately the costs for oversea envelopes are much higher than in Germany, where it wasn't so much of a problem to organize a huge swap with many strings...
RE: Swaps? :) by Gimpy1340 8 months ago

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I would be interested in a swap as well. Keep me posted if we choose to do one.