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Problem knots lose by jessinha 9 months ago

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I m not sure if i use the correct words as english isnt my native language.
Lately i have some problems with my bracelets.

If i finish a bracelet i make a braid and then a knot and then i take all strings together i make another knot.

But after wearing them sometimes the knot goes lose or unties. The problem is that when i finish the strings i cut them shorter so after its untided i cant make a new knot anymore with the same length.

Is there a way to keep the end knot more fastened so it doest lose when wearing?

I use normal yarn. Then waxed cords and nylon cords but with all 3 i have this problem.
The waxed i tried to burn a bit in the knot but when i do it too long the string breaks. Maybe someone has a better idea?

Sorry for the english i think the words may not be correct.
RE: Problem knots lose by Stefanie7 (moderator) 9 months ago

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I understand what you mean, for the most of us English isn't our native language, so no problem :-)

After making a knot you should pull each single string tight. You can also put a little bit glue on the knot or when you use nylon cord, you can melt the ends. Don't cut the ends to near after the knot but leave a bit string over.
RE: Problem knots lose by kleinevos (moderator) 9 months ago

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Glue is also what I was thinking, in case tightening doesn't help enough. Do you use cotton yarn? If you use acrylic yarn glueing isn't an option, it doesn't hold.

I always make a short Chinese staircase instead of an overhand knot, maybe that's also a solution? I start them upside down, and put the end of the string through the staircase. I don't wear my bracelets a lot myself though, so I don't really know if it holds a long time but I think it will.

And you can also try a sliding closure if the braids have become to short to knot together again :-)
RE: Problem knots lose by kleinevos (moderator) 9 months ago

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Or is it only the tie-on knot that's getting loose? The one you make to tie the bracelet on your wrist?
You can try putting a few square knots around the ends, like a sliding closure, to secure it.
RE: Problem knots lose by jessinha 9 months ago

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I use all kind of materials, but most yarn (cotton) and waxed cords and now i found some, i am not sure what kind of stuff it is, but it says chinese macarme cord, but i can burn it, so i think its sort of nylon too.

Tie it tight I already did. If I leave the strings near the knot longer its gets a huge mess around my arm with all the strings thats why i prefer to keep them max like 1 cm after the knot, but yes now its problems if it loses up, i cant make a new knot.

I will go try the glue. Any idea if it works as well on the waxed cords? I use Linhasita for that or on Nylon cords? Acrylic yarn I tried, but i dont like the material.

I also worked with sliding closures, but there these knots lose up as well

@kleinevos, I will check your bracelets, maybe this staircase could be a option too, but I have to see how you made it to understand I guess.
I m not that experienced yet :)
RE: Problem knots lose by kleinevos (moderator) 9 months ago

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Linhasita can't be glued as far as I know, because of the wax. Burning usually works fine for me though.
On nylon you can use clear nail polish, but burning should also work. If you burn it so that it leaves a little drop on the end of the string, close to the knot, it shouldn't come loose.

RE: Problem knots lose by jessinha 9 months ago

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Ok thx. I will try it out
RE: Problem knots lose by xier 9 months ago

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I also always cut short, and use a little "Uhu", that helps to prevent the loose end (yarn) from opening up
RE: Problem knots lose by Dai 8 months ago

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maybe I'm a little late to answer this, but here's my tip: thinner braids will lead to tighter knots, so try to get rid of a few strands before making the final braids (by cutting and singeing/gluing the ends into a shaped ending or making some square knots and cutting before the braids). You could also make more than one braid with the final strands if you don't want to cut them. Also, as suggested above, add some kind of glue to the tie-on knot and the ends if you're going to cut the braids afterwards.

If that still doesn't work, you could try different closures. I was a fan of a kind of big knot closure for a while, because it looked very tidy when you put the bracelet on and at least for me, they didn't fall off easily. I can't find the tutorial, but it looks something like this
to put it on, you would first go through the initial loop and then through the final loop. The only downside is that you have to be very careful about the length of the bracelet and of the final knotted part so it fits your wrist just right. Keep in mind that the bracelet and the loops will stretch a little bit (that's the main reason why I stopped doing them).

Finally, I also found this
I haven't tried it, but it may be helpful :)