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Pattern wizards, help me please by Artfish 1 year ago

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Hi there!
This right there is the bracelet I absolutely fell in love with and want to make:

I even have a pattern to go with it - so far, so good, right?

Now the problem:
This pattern isn't the one from the bracelet in the picture.
It's the same pattern, but it has only 20 strings, and the one in the picture has at least 24, maybe even 26. I know this because I started knotting the pattern and soon realized that there are colors missing - so I tried modifying the pattern in the generator, but I failed to get it right for more than the 20 strings ;(

Second problem is, neither the photo nor the pattern above are from me - apparently I found both a few years ago somewhere on the internet and saved them for later.
For the last days I've tried my hardest to find the source of the images, but no matter what I did, I couldn't find a thing; not here on friendship-bracelets, not on other pattern sites, not on pinterest, instagram, facebook, google image search, whathaveyou, I found absolutely nothing! ;(

(The writing on the bottom of the 20-string-pattern says something along the lines of "recolor by Tatjana something" and looks like it would be from a pattern on this site, but I couldn't find the pattern here either)

So now it seems like my only option is to modify the linked patttern into a pattern for 24 strings, which I failed at spectacularly.
Even if I could, I won't be able to save it because it's not allowed to post patterns from existing bracelets here, although it seems like the picture vanished from the internet...

I just wanna make this bracelet so badly ;(
RE: Pattern wizards, help me please by EdBlair 1 year ago

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I would try to work this pattern out on paper. The pattern you want will be the same 20 rows long (I think) but will be 4 columns wider (two on each side).

Start with a blank sheet of graph paper or use the template found in this tutorial: (( How to... )) Design Bracelet Patterns
I will be walking you through the "Step 3: color the knots in a pattern map" step from this tutorial for you.

You may also want to use some colored markers.

Work on each half separately, starting on the left side. So we want a diagram that is 20 by 10, with the right side representing the "center" of the final bracelet. (The center knots will be the "loops" at the edge of the pattern.)

Using the colors from your supplied pattern, notice that the "green" colors are moving towards the center of the bracelet as you go from top to bottom, while the "red" colors are moving outward. We will start with the green strings and then go back an fill in the red ones. It may be easier to keep track of them from bottom to top as they go up.

Draw in the lightest green in on the right side of your diagram, remembering that the center knots of the pattern are the loops on the edge of the diagram.

Draw in the second lighted green string and notice the pattern staring from the bottom going up: 3 knots to the left followed by 2 knots to the right. This is the key element that defines the pattern structure. Also note that this string starts on the right side of knot 2 at the top and ends up on the right side of knot 4 when you loop back from the bottom

The third lightest (or second darkest) green string starts out the same way, but in the original pattern it hits the edge of the bracelet before it gets to the top. Here is where you change the bracelet design. This is also about as far as I can go describing it without actually working out the problem.

Eventually once you get the "green" strings worked out to capture the solid lines in the pattern, you will need to fill in the knots for the rest of the strings. Most of it has already been worked out.

After that you will duplicate and mirror image the diagram for the other side of the bracelet.

I hope this helps.
RE: Pattern wizards, help me please by kleinevos (moderator) 1 year ago

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The bracelet shows a 5/3 zigzag while the pattern has a 4/3 zigzag. (Meaning the amount of knots outwards/inwards) That makes the bracelet wider than the pattern.

You can always make screenshots for your own use, and still use our generator :-)
RE: Pattern wizards, help me please by kleinevos (moderator) 1 year ago

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Btw, with patterns like this you can just add string and 'follow' the lines of the rest of the pattern to make a wider bracelet. That can also be done with the pattern you showed :-)
RE: Pattern wizards, help me please by Artfish 1 year ago

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Hi again folks - I'm very happy to say that I got the pattern :)
The wonderful AZClaire actually found it and sent me the file !
If anyone here is interested in the pattern, send me a PM and I'll share it with you.

EdBlair, your advice and the tutorial in it was very helpful, I'll surely use it in the future for a few other bracelets where I can't find the patterns. I was so fixated on making the pattern in the generator that it didn't even come to my mind that drawing the pattern *first* and then adding the direction of the knots would be easier...

kleinevos, yeah, I should have noticed the difference between the zigzags right from the start ;(
I tried to just 'add' the missing strings on the sides of the pattern with the generator, thinking to myself "how hard could it be?" but I just kept messing it up because I couldn't see a clear structure behind it... maybe if I tried to put it down on paper (like EdBlair suggested) instead of using the generator, I dunno.

Oh well, now I know a little bit better!
Thank you all for your help, and see ya soon :)