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Peru wave bracelet by jessinha 16 days ago

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Hello. I try to make the peru wave bravelet. The one with 2 basic strings. But whenever i make them the basic strings go more straight in stead of curves Any idea what i do wrong?

I bought them before from these peru markets and they have a perfect zig zag base string. I cant seem to find out how i can get them this curved.

And which thread i can use best for the base strings. The one i used was a silk one but strings losen easy. Then i tried a shoelace. It worked a bit better. Now i try wax thread but its also not perfect
RE: Peru wave bracelet by kleinevos (moderator) 16 days ago

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I think it's about how tight you knot the loose strings/ how long you keep these. I tried once, many years ago, and it was a disaster! I never felt like making one again, but I might give it another try now ;-)
RE: Peru wave bracelet by jessinha 7 days ago

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ok thanks. I keep trying