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RE: color palette hard to use by littlemissH 4 months ago

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I do understand that it takes both time and money to work on the site, but using the forum to express which specific elements of the site we feel need improving means the webmaster knows what to focus on, when they get the chance :)
RE: color palette hard to use by kleinevos (moderator) 4 months ago

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If he ever reads this. The moderator team does, but I have no idea if our webmaster takes the time to read our forum and our guestbook. Probably not. I have mentioned this topic to him though, so we will see.
RE: color palette hard to use by fb101 (moderator) 3 months ago

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I'll try to answer the best I can to some questions/concerns that were mentioned in the thread.

First, regarding the donations... Their purpose is the same as the ads... They help reduce or pay for the bills I have each month to keep the website up (server fees, various services required by the website, etc.). As you can guess, the website has quite a lot of traffic, so the bills are not negligible... When the previous webmaster transferred the website to me, he mentioned that donations were barely used, so the site relies on advertising more than anything to pay for itself.

When I became the new webmaster, I completely forgot to change some settings with the donation button and, because of that, the previous webmaster was still receiving the donations (instead of me). I am really sorry for that but if it can make you feel any better, I literally paid for my mistake... The money that I didn't get from the donations had to come from my own pocket to pay for hosting, etc... That still doesn't make me feel better about the "purpose of your contribution" that didn't go where it was supposed to and I truly apologize for that... I officially addressed the issue today, so the donation button is now fixed.

Now, regarding the main topic of the thread, I started to build a new version of the website that should address many of the problems you might have right now.

I started working on it at the beginning of the year (maybe even end of last year?) and I even worked on it for a month straight (doing nothing else other than work + creating the new website). I decided to take some time off during summer, but I'll be working on it again after summer. It's a much bigger project than I initially imagined and I also have an excessively time consuming job so the project doesn't progress as fast as I would have liked. This last part also explains why I'm not very present on the forum... But I want/plan to be more involved even if, at the moment, nearly all the time I spend on the website is to ensure everything runs smoothly (server administration, etc.).

Lastly, I was not planing to bring in some "programming contributors" or put the website's code on a publicly accessible repository (github). I'll consider the suggestion, but I can't make any guarantee about it. If it happens, it'll definitively be with the new version of the website since any change made to the current version will most likely be lost. As I mentioned before, a lot of the annoyances you have with the website right now will probably be solved with the new website. Also, don't worry, the new website will keep the same functionalities as this one.