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Alpha bracelet edges expanding by ShootingStar180 7 days ago

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Why are the edges progressively getting wir anything I can do to fix that?
RE: Alpha bracelet edges expanding by Lily_99 7 days ago

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Color changes make the bracelet looser, especially with the substitution/multicolor method. I've had this happen a lot. With the first two rows in this picture, there were no color changes, you were just knotting continuously with the grey thread. This enabled you to keep the knots nice and tight. The same thing happened in rows 3-4, there was just the one section of white to switch to in the middle. The more knots in a row you tie with one color, the tighter it tends to be. Lots of switching back and forth makes it looser. You can't prevent it entirely, but you can reduce it. Each time you switch colors, make sure you pull the new color tightly before you start knotting with it. Also, try and keep the tension the same for all your knots. You can't do much to fix what's already happened, but for future bracelets, if you start with a few rows knotting just with your background color, try and keep those knots especially loose. I hope this helps! :-)
RE: Alpha bracelet edges expanding by ShootingStar180 6 days ago

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Thank you so much I'll keep that in mind.