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Threads to use by ma75mu88 1 year ago

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I am from the Philippines. I have been using crochet threads (CANON, in particular) in making macrame bracelets. They were nice in the beginning but i have noticed that it fades after a month or so...what other threads (maybe you can include the brand) can i use? for those who are from the philippines, where can i buy them?
RE: Threads to use by frenchie63 1 year ago

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I don't know if the brands are the same in the Philippines as in Europe, but the brand DMC is definitely the best ! :) I mainly use cotton n?5 but also n?4 or n?25 (and even n?8 or n?3 when I want to make a different thickness) ;)
To make sure the strings you buy won't fade, check the label, something should confirm that the color is made to resist