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How to make a bracelet like this one? by vjudd 1 year ago

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I had this bracelet forever ago that had straight stripes all the way down. I'll use letters for a diagram as an example. For example, imagine all the O's are pink and all the E's are blue. I have found tutorials for stripes of color that go all the way across, but not for this type of bracelet. Does anyone have any idea how it was made? Thank you!

RE: How to make a bracelet like this one? by Stefanie7 (moderator) 1 year ago

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Do you mean a bracelet like this: http://friendship-bracelets.net/pattern.php?id=507
There is a tutorial too http://friendship-bracelets.net/tutorial.php?id=2304
RE: How to make a bracelet like this one? by greengrl26 1 year ago

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Do you know how to make alpha bracelets? You could make that bracelet that way. Check out this tutorial: http://friendship-bracelets.net/tutorial.php?id=2304. I know you don't want letters, just 2 colored bracelet, but just set up the bracelet like you are going to make an alpha bracelet(like what this tutorial shows). So let's use an example. Cut 10 strings. Doesn't matter what color they are because they won't show. Braid them together or however you start your bracelets normally. Then line them up 1 next to another. like this ||||||||||. Then cut another string (blue) and start making forward knots on those base strings in order, then when you come to the end, make backward knots and work your way backwards towards where you started. Keep repeating that till you get as much blue as you want. Then cut another string (pink) make sure it goes OVER the (blue) string and then make forward and backward knots till you get desired length with pink. (When using blue and pink string, I normally make a small knot at very top of string then clip it under clipboard so it stays in place when first tying it on to your base strings).
I'm so sorry, I hope this answer wasn't too complicated!
RE: How to make a bracelet like this one? by EdBlair 1 year ago

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For help on making Alpha bracelets, look at this tutorial:
(( How to... )) Alpha/Letter patterns

In your case make all of the "Letter" strings color E and use a really long background string in color O.
To get the pattern you diagrammed, tie all of the knots in the first 5 rows using the background string, and then tie the next 5 rows using the letter strings.

If you want to use more than two colors, you will need to use one of the techniques in this tutorial:
(( Patterns )) Multi-Colored Alpha Bracelets
RE: How to make a bracelet like this one? by jacky0 11 months ago

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I am confused about it.