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Endless Knots Swap 2016 by Arismende (moderator) 1 year ago

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Hello everyone, I've decided to host an international swap again, which you will hopefull enjoy :) This time it will be the:

You'll send me a number of bracelets, and I'll swap them with bracelets other people send me. You could end up with a bracelet from anywhere in the world!


The theme of this swap is ENDLESS KNOTS and includes those patterns, which are for example tagged with the keywords CELTIC, TWIST and INTERTWINED. But ? to make it a bit less restrictive - also STAINED GLASS patterns could be interesting, so basically everything, which has OUTLINES and/or is somehow intertwined. Given to the season and the deadline for the swap you might be inspired by AUTUMN GRADIENTS, WINTER or CHRISTMAS COLOURS, but that's of course not a must.

However, there's a number of RULES I want you all to be aware of:

1. Due date for getting my address and getting your bracelets sent in to me is saturday, the 10th of december, especially if you're not living in Europe. I live in Austria, so it will take longer for your bracelets to arrive with me if you're from the States etc. To avoid the holiday's postal traffic, I would like to have all bracelets swapped and sent out again within the first days of january 2017.

2. No chinese staircase, chevron, candy stripe, vertical wave, kumihimo or wrap bracelets please. If you want to make a tutorial bracelet, it should be somehow theme-related. Please don't add any beads (apart from seabeads maybe), because I'll redistribute the bracelets in regular letters, though they have to be flat.

3. Bracelets must have about 5 inches of knotted area and at least 5 inches of braid, clasp, etc. for tying onto everyones wrist. Therefore, it should measure at least 10 inches in total length. If your bracelet(s) do not meet these specifications, you will not be participating. Just because they fit your wrist does not mean they will fit others! 5 inches is the smallest wrist size I've heard of, and 9 is the largest. In order for your bracelet to fit anyone elses wrist, it must meet these specifications. (*If your bracelet is way too big, you can always tie a knot part way through the braid and cut it after, in order to be closer to your wrist size.)

4. No more than 4 bracelets per person, no more than 80 strings for all bracelets together, with a minimum of 10 strings per bracelet. So, for example, you could send me two 20-string-bracelets and one with 40 strings, or three 14-string bracelets and one with 38 etc. There is no string limit size on individual bracelets, just the 80 string maximum total. - I will be counting an alpha as about 1,3 times it's base-string count. So a 20 string alpha will be swapped with a 26-28 string normal if it can't be swapped with another alpha.

5. I'll be counting the total amount of strings of the bracelets you've send in and try to swap them with other bracelets with about the same total string-count. So if you've send me a 40-string bracelet you may get two 20-string bracelets back, or a 16-string alpha and a 18- or 20-string normal. And please note: it can always happen that you might receive a bracelet in turn, which has some strings less or more than yours, even though I try to as fair as I can to everybody :)

6. Once you have finished your bracelets, send me a PM with pattern-numbers and amount of strings of the finished bracelets. Only then I'll count you in as a participant and let you know my address. Please do not PM me until your bracelets are completed.

7. I will be posting individual pictures of the bracelets sent in. This is a secret santa type of event, so the people you get your bracelet from will be a mystery. Therefore, please don't post a picture of the bracelet(s) you made. Once I have received all the bracelets I will be taking pictures and uploading them to the "Unknown"-account. When you have received your bracelet, please go to the corresponding photo and let us know that you got it, so the person that made it can claim it :). Once the person has said that they were the one to make it, the photo will be transferred to them.

8. For organisational reasons the number of participants is limited to 20 (+ mods). In case the number of participants is reached, I'll leave a message here for you to know. For those of you, who live in Europe and have the Euro as currency, I'd appreciate, if you could put one or two coins in the envelope to help me a bit with covering the swap's costs. This is only a suggestion and not a condition for participating.

9. Please note that I'll send out the bracelets as regular letters, NOT as registered mail, because this would be too expensive. Should it really happen that your swap envelope gets lost on its way and you don't receive my letter until february 2017, please let me know. I'd then try to organize some replacement for your entries. I recommend to you sending your bracelets packed between two cards in a flat and well-closed regular letter, because in a whole, I made better experiences with this than with registered mail in swaps.

Do you have further questions? - Just pm me or leave a message in this thread :)

Have a nice and cosy autumn and winter time everybody, and, as always: HAPPY KNOTTING!
RE: Endless Knots Swap 2016 by Allison98 (moderator) 1 year ago

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Yay!!!! I'm so excited for this! I'll get started as soon as possible. :)
RE: Endless Knots Swap 2016 by Freigeist 1 year ago

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I only have a single thing to say... I'm in :D
RE: Endless Knots Swap 2016 by Neva 1 year ago

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Very excited, I hope I can find time to make a bracelet.
RE: Endless Knots Swap 2016 by Giggles817 1 year ago

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I'm in!
RE: Endless Knots Swap 2016 by Arismende (moderator) 1 year ago

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Nice! - I'm glad you like it and curious about everybody's bracelets :)
RE: Endless Knots Swap 2016 by Allison98 (moderator) 1 year ago

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I think I've narrowed some of my options down- just need to decide which ones I like! :)
RE: Endless Knots Swap 2016 by AB_cullen 1 year ago

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I wanna do this :)
RE: Endless Knots Swap 2016 by Sammoning (moderator) 1 year ago

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Ooh that's a nice challenging swap idea! I'm in, I'll see what I can do :)
*runs off to collect patterns*
RE: Endless Knots Swap 2016 by Nelipot 1 year ago

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YES! I love this idea!! Wow this is going to be a fun one for sure!!