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RE: Border Brother crosses? by kleinevos (moderator) 3 years ago

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I don't know if these pictures are clear enough, but I'll try to make better ones and add instructions to our existing tutorial for the boondoggle when I have more time.

1 - 4 is explained in all of the YouTube video's :
-start with two separate pieces, each 5 knots
-attach them like in picture 3
-5 knots to the top, 9 knots to the bottom

5. Take two extra strings, about 2 meters each depending on the thickness of the strings. Start in the middle of these strings, 1 meter to the right and 1 meter to the left.
Attach them to be able to make knots like you did when attaching the first two pieces: There are different ways you can attach them. I first made a knot similar to the start of a boondoggle knot, but I untied that again before I started knotting the other half of the heart, because that was better for the heart shape. I only used that knot to be able to start knotting more easily.

After this you just keep on knotting till you think the heart is big enough, then you can do a square knot around all strings, or knot another boondoggle knot first and put some of the strings through that, before making the square knot. That's what I did.
A crown knot could work too. Just what you like :-)
RE: Border Brother crosses? by Lowjack 3 years ago

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Awesome. Your using the 450 or 550 paracord? Either way it's cool, thanks. Paracord is much easier to work with than the actual way I was referring to using twine or craft string. In the first pic you posted that was done in string or paracord too?
RE: Border Brother crosses? by kleinevos (moderator) 3 years ago

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I made mine with paracord, the 550.
The picture I googled uses other material, maybe even plastic strips. That's what it looks like, I think.

I'm now making one with 1mm hemp. That's a lot smaller, but works fine for things like this.
RE: Border Brother crosses? by kendraallen 5 months ago

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nice sharing!!