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My little pony bracelet? by Zappity2 6 years ago

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Hi there :)

I've been really wanting a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic bracelet, but I can't find any patterns. Can someone make me one? It doesn't need to be the whole entire pony, just its head would be fine. (Preferably Twilight Sparkle or Pinkie Pie)
Also, can you do this type of pattern? http://friendship-bracelets.net/pattern.php?id=7462
I don't understand the others :P

Thank you so much!
RE: My little pony bracelet? by t3db 6 years ago

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I've working on alpha patterns that have the names of ponys with their colors and cutie mark. Unfortunately they have been rejected. So far I've made ones for rarity, rainbow dash, and fluttershy. I was planning on making a twilight sparkle one even if it gets rejected. :(
I'll probably upload the patterns to my photobucket and post a link to them if you want. And about the pattern, I'm not very good at making those kinds of patterns from scratch. If you want designs you'll have to deal with alpha patterns. (I know those can be tricky to get the hang of.)
RE: My little pony bracelet? by ElleMay 6 years ago

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Awe. I would love to see what designs you have made! I wonder y they r being rejected?
RE: My little pony bracelet? by t3db 6 years ago

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me too :( one of the moderators said that the text is too simple. even though i tried to use a 'classier' font.
if you want to see them go to my page and look under alpha patterns. the one that got rejected was the fluttershy one.