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Earings? by TweedyBird 7 years ago

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Is it possible to make earings with a friendship bracelet patterns? I was thinking using the same concept as making a keychain but then it would be too wide at the top... Any ideas? (If its possible to even make it)
RE: Earings? by coco 7 years ago

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yeah it is ive seen sum pictures of them but idk how yu get it to be an earing[=
RE: Earings? by KibsBoyRO 7 years ago

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its like puttin the bracelent or a part of it(such as a single model of the bracelet) on a keychain, just taht put it on an round earing:P
RE: Earings? by Mockingjay 7 years ago

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Hmmmm... I think that it depends on which pattern you're doing for which way you would put it onto an earring, and what kind. What pattern are you making?
RE: Earings? by DNEW2016 1 year ago

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Try using a ribbon clamp & a jump ring to attach the woven motif (should be small) to the loop of an earring finding (French hook or ball post or leverback, etc.) Ribbon clamps come in a couple of different widths so hopefully you can find one that is the same width as your woven piece. You have to use one clamp on the top (attaching to earring) & another on the bottom & you can attach a bead or charm (w/a jump ring) to it. This gives you a top & bottom border. Or make some kind of tassels from the bottom strings (will add length to your earring & may not be what you want to do). I don't know how you would finish off the bottom ends w/out a ribbon clamp...