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Editing a submitted pattern
I submitted an alpha pattern I created myself but I made ...
2ShootingStar18015330 days ago
by ShootingStar180
Deleting a pattern
Total noob here, and I see there is already a question of...
5sxmas1871 month ago
by sxmas
Pattern rejected for one that doesn't exist anymore :-(
I created a new pattern, submitted it and it was rejected...
1ississi1802 months ago
by kleinevos
Creating an original pattern
Recently I have seen a lot of original patterns and didn'...
2_bracelets_28621 days ago
by lena01
adding third color in an alpha name bracelet
Ive got two colored alpha name bracelets down pretty good...
1crazyCrystal2572 months ago
by kleinevos
Approved Patterns Being Rejected
I was just curious, is it common for older, already appro...
1AmberB2903 months ago
by Allison98
Switching between horizontal and diagonal in one piece?
Im trying to design a bracelet for an event, it would req...
1Janjan2213 months ago
by Sammoning
How to know if your patterns are the same with the patter...
I want to make my own bracelets patterns, but I don't kno...
2dido5142724 months ago
by kleinevos
How do I transform this photo into an alpha pattern? Can ...
I don't know how to transform this photo https://up...
1happydog1252844 months ago
by kleinevos
The Silph Road patterns?
I am looking for patterns for the subreddit The Silph Roa...
0sterlingdee2414 months ago
by sterlingdee