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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

My pattern was accepted, and now I received a notification that it is rejected. Why did this happen?


From time to time, the moderators go through old patterns and vote to accept or reject patterns that have: No photos, Few views, and Few likes. (i.e. if your pattern has been on the site for several years, and still doesn't have any photos, it most likely won't be made by another user or is too personal and was only ever intended for your own use).

Other reasons it may have been rejected may include but are not limited to:

1. the pattern was a simple name pattern, and the alphabet for this pattern is already on the site;

2. the pattern is too personal or unique to its user;

3. it is unclear what your pattern is intended to be.

You can, however, get your patterns to be accepted again if you upload a photo of a completed bracelet using those patterns, and contact a moderator so we can decide if your pattern should be reaccepted to the site (e.g. if it's just a name pattern using letters from an existing alphabet, we will still not reaccept it).

Please note that posting an angry rant on the guestbook about how the moderators hate you and your patterns will not help getting any patterns reaccepted.